“Serving your betters, to serve you better”


The FALOTI Operations division (FALO) directs the galactic wide security operations programs within the overall divisional hierarchy. In concert with other FALOTI department bureaus, foreign affairs agencies, and miscellaneous Congress, FALO sets worldwide priorities for the design, construction, acquisition, maintenance, use, sale and destruction of real multi-world priority assets and their use.


The Logistics Operations Division manages FALOTI’s multi-world programs for personal property, and logistics services. The division has responsibility for policy development and guidance, program execution, performance metrics and customer relations. The division is composed of two branches: The Property Management Branch (PMB) and The Logistics Management Branch (LMB). PMB is responsible for management of FALOTI’s property reacquisition programs. This comprises oversight of property databases, both tangible and intangible, and ensuring FALOTI-wide compliance with intra-FALOTI financial auditing requirements. LMB is responsible for the logistics services program. This includes coordinating the galactic logistics management program and warehousing of assets; FALOTI-wide fleet management, printing and publications; photocopy services, roadside assistance and administration of Shop™ prototype engineering and wood shop.


Members of the FALOTI Intelligence Division (FALOTIID) collect and assess information regarding intergalactic activities; other hostile activities by foreign powers, organizations, persons, and their agents; and foreign intelligence activities directed against FALOTI and it’s contracted hosts. As needed, the CEO may also direct the FALOTIID to carry out special activities in order to protect FALOTI security interests against threats.