"Building a strong foundation for our future."

The Faloti Foundation has revamped the conceptualization of initiatives. We strive to find those who are the most unfortunate so that you can help us help them. The foundation always has a number of initiatives that require significant funding in order to provide the maximum benfit so remember that every credit counts. As you help us solve every problem in the world one by one, together we are building a strong foundation for the future.

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Dingo Danger Awareness

Every day a Stralian child is eaten by a ‘Canis lupus dingo.’ It is our goal to raise awareness of this constantly reacurring tragedy so that someone can put a stop to it.

Fedora Fund

What is the saddest sight you could imagine? Yes, we thought the same thing. A neckbeard with his head bare and exposed to the sky, looking down in shame as his better cajole and berate him for his lack of class. With your help, never again will a neckbeard commit such a fashion faux pas again.

Corporate Charity

As beneficiaries of the life that the United Empire of Earth has provided for us, it our obligation to help those less fortunate. It can be tough for a person to admit that they are down on their luck and need financial or any other sort of aid, especially if that person is a corporation. Help us pull these struggling businesses out of the quagmire and return them to a state of productivity and profitability.

Braille Academy

Individuals that are hard of hearing have an everyday struggle when it comes to living a normal life. Together we can help the deaf by funding the Faloti Braille Academy. With braille, the hearing impaired will have a stronger chance at succeeding in life.